What is ChatStar?

World's best site to text and trade pics with world famous stars.

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Billing Support

  • If your membership was processed by epoch.com
  • 1-(800)-893-8871 (USA)
  • 1-(310)-664-5810 (International Tel.)
  • 1-(800)-893-8871 (Skype)
  • billing@epoch.com (Email)
  • www.epoch.com (Live Chat)

  • If your membership was processed by segpay.com
  • 1-(866)-450-4000 (USA & Canada)
  • 1-(888)-376-0948 (USA & Canada)
  • 1-(954)-414-1610 (USA & Canada, direct)
  • cs.segpay.com (Online)
  • chat.segpay.com (Live Chat)

FAQs and Technical Support

  • What is ChatStar?

    ChatStar allows you to communicate with the Star of your choice via SMS (text messaging), MMS (send/receive pics and videos via text message) and Voice Calls.
  • Is this real?

    All the Stars on ChatStar are 100% verified to make sure they are the real person. No bots, no fakeys, no B.S. You will be communicating directly with the actual star.
  • How does it work?

    Once you purchase the Star's phone number, you can now communicate with them via SMS, MMS or Voice Calls. Each Star sets their rate per communication type, so make sure to check their rates.
    • Voice Calls: Set up a time with the Star first to make sure they will be available.
    • MMS Messaging: You can send and receive pictures and videos directly to/from your mobile phone.
    • SMS Messaging: Some Stars charge when you send them a message AND when you receive a message, so make sure to check their rates before you message them.
  • Why do you need my mobile phone number?

    We need your mobile number as that is how you will communicate with the Stars. Your mobile number is kept 100% private at ALL times and never shared with the Stars or anyone. We use anonymous proxy numbers in order to relay the communication to each others actual mobile phone.
  • What will show on my billing statement?

    We offer discreet billing for our customers. This means the description in your statement will not match the product name you signed up with. In its place, the name of our billing processing company will be on your statement. Please go to the web address on your billing statement for further support.
  • What kind of phone do I need?

    You just need a mobile phone that can send/receive SMS/MMS messages and make voice calls.

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